Conserving our Environment

Working Bee

Shareholders and Friends of Ben Ricketts are committed to care for the property. Bush regeneration and working bee weekends are held regularly and are very enjoyable social occasions.

At Ben Ricketts we are dedicated to conserving the unique plant & animal biodiversity of the Illawarra escarpment, while providing affordable holiday accommodation to families, groups and individuals.

Our Voluntary Conservation Agreement with the NSW Minister for the Environment ensures that the property is managed to maximise its important environmental value. Through regular working bees, bushcare contractors and lots of volunteer time the Ben Ricketts shareholders and friends are making tremendous progress in eliminating invasive weeds. We have seen exciting regeneration of the native rainforest and enjoy the steady increase in the native bird, marsupial and insect populations. Our wildlife videos and conservation gallery below capture some of this diversity.

What is the 'Environmental Preserve'?
Our celebrity residents: lyrebirds