Working Bee

Shareholders and Friends of Ben Ricketts are committed to care for the property. Bush regeneration and working bee weekends are held regularly and are very enjoyable social occasions.

Conserving our Environment

At Ben Ricketts we are dedicated to conserving the unique plant & animal biodiversity of the Illawarra escarpment, while providing affordable holiday accommodation to families, groups and individuals.

Our Voluntary Conservation Agreement with the NSW Minister for the Environment ensures that the property is managed to maximise its important environmental value. Through regular working bees, bushcare contractors and lots of volunteer time the Ben Ricketts shareholders and friends are making tremendous progress in eliminating invasive weeds. We have seen exciting regeneration of the native rainforest and enjoy the steady increase in the native bird, marsupial and insect populations. Our conservation gallery below captures some of this diversity.

What is the 'Environmental Preserve'?
Our celebrity residents: lyrebirds

Of all the hundreds of wonderful animals and birds living on Jamberoo Mountain, there are perhaps none capture our imaginations more than the Superb Lyrebird. We are very fortunate to enjoy their extraordinary songs and elusive sightings all year round. 

But you can get lucky. While mostly lyrebirds are shy, you will occasionally see them running across the paddock in front of the cabin in the morning, and scratching around on the rainforest floor. Occasionally we come across males in full display on the mound they have carefully built. The video on the right right (filmed not far behind Lyrebird cabin!) shows one such male in action. 

We also get the chance to hear different songs. This sound recording is very different from the video.

Lyrebird on Misty Lane, 18 October 2020
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Conservation Gallery
Lyrebird behind Cabin 2
Marie's Glade Hillside
Birdsnest Ferns
Sarcochilus falcatus
Sarcochilus falcatus
Forest Floor
Rainforest Moss
Yellow Throated Scrubwren Nest
Potato Orchid (Gastrodia sesamoides)
Kangaroo Mob
Treefern Swamp
Vines Crisscross the Rainforest
Evening bat
Duncania Green
Magical Trees by Marie's Glade
Our Secret Waterfall
The rainforest is full of variety
The King of Treefern Swamp
Superb Fairy Wren
Marie's Glade
Native Snail
Rainforest Vines
Bowerbird's Bower
Greenhood Orchid
Yellow Fungi
Swamp Wallaby
Ladies Tresses (Spiranthes australis)
Escarpment Wildflowers